Some shipping platforms only provide you with a full page (8.5" x 11") document. 


Frequently, they use half of the page for the shipping label and the other half for receipt or packing slip.


While there are many ways to split this page into a 4" x 6" label size, here is our favorite method:


Using Adobe "Take a Snapshot" 

(1)Download Adobe Reader if you do not have it already from Adobe website.

(2)Save your label as a PDF file.

(3)Open the file in Adobe Reader

(4)Rotate the label if needed by going to View -> Rotate View

(5)Go to Edit -> Take a Snapshot

(6)Click and drag the box over your label

(7)Go to File -> Print 

(8)If the preview looks good, click "Print"


Note: If you are shipping more than a few labels, you would benefit from using a commercial solution that creates 4 x 6 labels in one-click. See this article: 

How do I generate labels?


The official guide from Adobe: Print portion of a PDF page using Acrobat or Reader



How can I crop multiple pages in the same document at once? 

1) If you are wanting this for Amazon FBA labels, the Phomemo team has put together a free service that can crop box labels into individual labels that can then print directly to Phomemo, please visit: 

2) On Adobe Acrobat you are able to crop several / all pages together. 

Please see:

3) Briss is a free open-source application available for cropping PDF pages at once. It may take a little while getting used to it but once you are comfortable with it, it is pretty fast:


4) For Mac: 

There is a third-party company that offers software for cropping labels

Please download form:

There is an operation tutorial video: